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Buy first or sell first?

buy or sell first

Buy First or Sell First?

The situation to consider when deciding to buy another home is should you buy or sell first?  It’s a tough market out there, you need to arm yourself with an experienced realty insider to help you market and negotiate these realty transactions.

Having an experienced professional on your side will keep you from making costly mistakes.  We provide a free report “How to avoid the Real Estate Catch 22″ for you when faced with such questions as buy or sell first?

In Minnesota Real Estate, trading up homes is a catch 22.  You need to ask yourself:

  • Have I already found my new dream home?
  • Do you currently need help selling my home?
  • If my current house doesn’t sell in time, am I pre-approved to afford 2 homes?

The way you answer these questions will help determine your strategy. You really should have an experienced agent who has handled these situations in the past.  It’s all in the timing.

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