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Nelson and I would like to thank you for the professional and excellent way you handled the preparation, listing, showing and sale of our home.

With very little experience on our part, it was wonderful to know that you had the foresight and knowledge to understand the market.  You allowed us to learn and to make decisions, yet with a concern to our well being and you were willing to speak up if you felt we may not know all the facts.

In turn, while purchasing our new home I LOVED how you scoped out important parts of the home while we were still thinking about paint color and trees!  I remember hearing you state after seeing a home, your opinion on the appliances and your thoughts on the impact to us.

Thanks for having us prepared for the closing!  With both the buyer and seller having issues, it was nice to know that Colleen and yourself had taken care of everything and from our perspective the day went very smooth.

Carri & Nelson


Tom and Eric were AMAZING to work with.  Eric was available daily for our tireless search during a time when homes would come on the market and be sold 24 hours later.  He knew the importance of moving fast and making himself available to his clients and we appreciated him for this flexibility immensely.  I believe it’s what got us into the home we’re in!  Eric shared his knowledge in real estate and home assessment along the way of the 40+ homes we must have seen, and kept our best interest at the very heart of the entire process.  Tom had strong leadership in guiding us to the best and most thorough inspector EVER, and made sure there were no hiccups when it came to closing.  Both Tom and Eric were so kind as to share their wealth of knowledge in their industry with us being second time home buyers and it really added great value in our experience with Weichert.  We would recommend them to any of our family or friends when they plan to purchase a home.


Danielle & David


I couldn’t have asked for more help in getting my home sold in such a quick manner with such a super neat realtor who really knows how to “take charge” and get the ball rolling.  Was almost intimidating as to how quickly the house was sold and I had to take some immediate action getting packed up but now that the dust has settled and slowly but surely am getting all the boxes unpacked it was worth all the effort to get things in motion.  I am truly blessed with the way the move has come so full circle and will look forward to my new venture down south.

Most assuredly I will be glad to shout the praises of all you have done for me.  You certainly know that some of your efforts were above and beyond the call of duty.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving.




Tom and Vicki,

I wanted to Thank both of you for working so hard on the sale of my home.  It was nice because I just left in your hands and you both did a great job.

Thank you both again and I enjoyed working with you.

Thank you,

Kelly S


Sitting here among the boxes, with our insurance agent on speakerphone working out the details on our homeowners policy, we’re feeling pretty darn blessed that we’ve had such a rockstar team to guide us through this process.

Our realtor Vicki drove us to dozens and dozens (and more dozens) of properties, coached us about how everything works and what to be thinking about, and supplied nonstop granola bars, water bottles, chex mix, heated seats, and lots of laughs to make the whole thing joyful. On the days I went to 10-15 back to back showings with her while Brian was at work, she took extra care to point out the things Brian usually would have, and knew us well enough already to say things like “Brian would like this” or “Brian wouldn’t want to deal with that” just as I was thinking the same things. She is absolutely without a doubt incredible.

I keep thinking how, before we started our search last fall, everyone always told us buying a house is hard, scary, confusing, stressful… the list of intimidating words goes on. I want to say to all of you who haven’t done it yet that buying a house does NOT have to be painful. Save up and do it when you’re financially and emotionally ready, and then find an all-star support team to help you through it. I’m happy to put you in touch with ours 🙂 Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Have fun. Enjoy every moment. Because it’s over before you know it!



I can’t say enough about my wonderful working experience with Vicki Schwartz.  I found Vicki on the Internet and although I had intended to interview 3 realtors, we immediately had a rapport and I knew she would be able to shepherd our family through a very hectic move. Vicki was incredibly patient and proficient as we looked through scores of houses until we found the perfect one for our family. During our many trips Vicki became a trusted adviser and eventually a true friend.  We are delighted with our new home and thrilled that we were able to partner with such a professional and yet personal company. I would recommend Vicki to anyone interested in a truly excellent moving experience.



Vicki and Tom are true professionals who stood by us and with us through the tough economic times. When it came to getting our property sold they were there long after many other would have quit. They are very impressive real estate professionals.

We highly recommend them.

Tom and Katie F.


Hi Tom, we thank you and are very grateful that you hung in there with us!!  Like I said, I will miss my house, but a life style that is worry free will be wonderful.  It has been a very long journey for us and a very exhausting one.  Thank you for getting us in touch with all the people who have helped us through this horrible phase in our lives!  We really do appreciate it more than you know!!

🙂  Jo


Vicki was easy to work with, and very knowledgeable about the short selling process.  The communication was excellent, and we were always assured she was working on our behalf.  The result was better than we had hoped for.  We highly recommend her services.

Greg and Carla B.


Prior to meeting with Tom and Vicki I was overwhelmed with all that I didn’t know about what my options were, and I felt ashamed that I was considering a short sale.  After my first meeting with them, although they armed me with a LOT of information, I felt like I was in good hands with someone who not only knew what they were doing, but who was amazing at explaining the entire process to me.  I so appreciated the time they gave me as I’m the kind of person who needs to make informed decisions.  Every time I called or emailed them with a question, they promptly got back to me with an answer.  They were always very honest with me.  At one point I asked a close friend (who went through this process with a different realtor) which type of foreclosure the bank filed and she did not know the answer!  She told me that her realtor explained nothing to her!  At that moment I was even more grateful for Tom and Vicki’s expertise.  I cannot say enough about them and their team.  I highly recommend them.

Monique A.


Working with Vicki Schwartz was the best experience we ever had in buying AND selling a home!  Vicki was very professional and kept us informed on a regular basis of all activity on both homes.  We sold our house within two weeks of being on the market, and saved over $4,000.  Vicki also showed us many homes and worked diligently to find us our dream home!  We could not believe how quick and easy the process was to transition into our new home.  Thank you, Vicki!

Mary and Gary G.


We recently worked with Vicki during a short sale process.  We would recommend Vicki to you.  As you know, a short sale means a family is in a difficult position and needs to get their home sold, and sold quickly.  If it can be done, Vicki will do it for you, and she will be there for you every step of the way.

We started working with Vicki in the spring of 2008.  Her team immediately went to work for us.  They guided us through every step of the way.  Vicki was always there for us.  She answered every email and every voice mail within a day.  We had a lot of issues with our short sale including hail damage that needed to be repaired and a first mortgage holder that did not want to help us AT ALL.  Additionally, the first mortgage company was in the process of being absorbed by the parent company so what a nightmare that was!!  BUT, Vicki and her team were there all day every day, talking to the right people until they were able to get all the right approvals in the right place.  Vicki also found us a buyer, which was difficult considering the market and economy, and held on to the buyer during the roller coaster ride of short sale approvals and releasing funds to repair hail damage.  Vicki guided the buyer’s agent through everything, kept the agent and the family informed and at ease, and ultimately kept them going until the final sale.

Our short sale had some bumps in the road and some stressful days.  Vicki never once avoided us or turned her back on us even though we may not have been the happiest people she talked to that day.  She always took our concerns to heart, she always worked to get resolution, she always returned our messages promptly, and she always made us feel better.  Ultimately, Vicki and her team did what they said they would do… they got our home sold!

Shane D.